Darkside Rare Tobacco

Tobacco Darkside Rare

A tremendous tobacco from a Russian producer was loved by many hookah smokers. Cooked Darkside tobacco Rare with a strong soak - a high-quality excise product, lighting up which you can get real pleasure.

Tobacco for hookah darkside pars - features and benefits

The Rare line is a new, unwashed tobacco that is produced in compliance with all rules and technologies. In the process of preparation, the tobacco leaves are boiled throughout the day, which provides the product with the following properties: 

  • richness and perfection of taste;
  • good heat resistance - even with too many coals, tobacco is unlikely to burn out and give an unpleasant aftertaste;
  • heavy smoke.

Also are used exclusively in tobacco production aturalnye German flavors that acts as a guarantee amazing taste, with no hint of chemistry

Cutting tobacco is quite small, without the presence of logs, sticks and other garbage. This not only simplifies the clogging of the hookah bowl, but also contributes to clean, perfect in every sense, smoking. 

Another distinguishing feature of such tobacco is that the product does not require acclimatization. That is why, immediately after opening the package, you can fill the bowl with delicious tobacco. 

As for the packaging - Darkside Rare is available in a dense cardboard box inside which you You will find a tightly sealed plastic bag. Tobacco is packaged in packages of 100 and 250 grams. 

Buy tobacco dark side rare in a wide assortment

On the website of our online store you You can easily get quality Russian Darkside tobacco Rare at an affordable price. The assortment has many amazing tastes, including original mixes and bright mono tastes.  The real favorites among fans of smoking a hookah are the following:

  • Polar Cream - not at all like other tastes of pistachio ice cream - it’s not so creamy, more with a focus on pistachios, and with a little hint of mint;
  • Cola (Cola) - amazing taste of the drink that is popular and beloved by many;
  • Sweet Comet (Sweet Comet) - a taste of cranberry-banana dessert. Juicy, fresh and slightly sour taste of cranberries on inhalation and sweet, velvety notes of banana on exhalation. Great choice for lovers of sweet and sour mixes;
  • Grape Core (Grapes) - aftertaste juicy and ripe grapes. Absolutely not cloying and very enjoyable.  

The site has many more amazing tastes that will easily dip you into nirvana of true pleasure and relaxation.