Darkside Tobacco Medium

Tobacco Dark side Medium

An absolute novelty in the hookah market - tobacco dacside medium . It is a dark, unwashed tobacco of medium strength, which has a simply divine taste. Smoking it is easy and pleasant, and the abundant clouds of smoke that arise during the smoking process give the smoker even more pleasure. 

Dark side Medium tobacco - features and benefits

The technologies for making such a shisha imply that tobacco is boiled throughout the day, after which it becomes as smoky, tasty and juicy as possible. 

Only selected tobacco leaves are used for cooking Burley, which are popular all over the world. 

A manufacturer from Russia pays great attention to the quality of all components of the manufactured product. That is why, in the production of tobacco exclusively German natural flavors are used. Having lit a hookah clogged with such tobacco - you will feel a deep, rich taste without the slightest hint of chemistry. 

Correct slicing is another significant advantage of Russian tobacco. The mixture contains no extraneous debris, logs or sticks. In addition, the leaves are chopped quite small, so they do not require additional grinding before clogging the bowl. 

Tobacco Dark side Medium - completely ready for use - it does not require acclimatization, so you can score the bowl immediately after opening the pack.

The product is packaged in convenient 100 and 250 gram packs. 

Buy Dark side Medium in a wide range and at an affordable price 

In a conveniently located online the catalog of our online store you can easily find many tastes of Russian tobacco Dark side, the price for which is optimal.

TOP tastes tobacco Dark side Medium: 

  • Lemonblast (Lemon Explosion) - rich lemon flavor, but not very sour - a little sweet. Something like lemon marmalade;
  • WildBerry (Berry Mix) - saturated and maximized delicious berry mix that combines the aromas of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Sweet and sour sound is perfect for those who like summer tastes of berries;
  • RedBerry (Red Currant) - rich and delicious summer berry flavor;
  • Skylime (Lime ) - it has something in common with the taste of the popular Mojito cocktail. An excellent combination of sour lime and peppermint freshness;
  • Supernova (Supernova) is a real top-hat - a bright combination of menthol and mint, which can invigorate on the hottest evening. Most peppermint. 

In general, tobacco Dark side Medium is a high-quality product that makes it possible to warm the bowl well and achieve brightness and richness of aromas.