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Tobacco AMY Gold

Tobacco AMY Gold

Hookah tobacco from the German brand AMY Gold has been represented in the hookah institutions of the capital for quite some time. The aromas from this manufacturer have won a large number of fans, as they are not very strong, suitable for both beginners and sophisticated lovers of hookah gatherings, and are also made exclusively from natural ingredients. 

Products of this brand are manufactured at a company in Jordan, where sorted Virginia Golden tobacco is delivered from France, as well as syrup from German and US manufacturers.

Thus, the finished product meets all the standards quality and security art.

Ordering tobacco for hookah in Kiev it is worth paying attention to the aromas from this brand, presented in the tabakka online store. com.ua. Almost all of them are perfectly combined in various mixes, have a persistent and rich taste, and are also very convenient for filling into a bowl. 

Tobacco is a crushed, carefully soaked leaves in syrup, peeled of various impurities. In fact, if you decide to buy AMY Gold , then it is immediately ready for use, however, hookah workers recommend to fluff it a little to reveal the taste and smell of the mixture when heated, and also slightly increase the smoking time. 


Tobacco AMY Gold in Kiev is delivered in metal boxes with a cover, convenient for storage. Due to this, the shelf life of the mixture is practically unlimited, and it is also much more convenient to store after unpacking. Tobacco is quite moist, viscous, smells nice. Its taste is always on top, due to the fact that in the production of syrup only natural ingredients are used instead of synthetic dyes and flavors. 

Buy tobacco AMY Gold in online store tabakka.com.ua you can almost any taste presented in the manufacturer's line. Established deliveries of new products allow store customers to try original tastes first.  

Also, various accessories and hookahs for sale are always available in the store. At any time you can:

  • Replenish supplies of coal or foil;
  • Purchase Caloud Lotos or other accessories; 
  • Replace the cup or flask;
  • Select a new handset and more. 

Order tobacco with delivery 

Order AMY Gold with delivery right now. To do this, just add the taste you like to the basket and soon your new original tobacco from AMY Gold will be delivered courier in Kiev or New Mail at the specified address in any city of Ukraine. 

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