Tobacco Al Fakher 1 kilogram

Al Fakher Company is one of the most famous brands in the world for the production of hookah tobacco with various tastes. The production, founded in 1999, still surprises its fans with a variety of tastes and pleases with the quality of the product.

Today Al Fakher - these are two factories and 80 employees who are professionals in their field. The company constantly monitors the fluctuation of tastes in the market and always remains in the trend, offering its customers only the highest quality smoking blends. 

Virginia tobacco is the basis for the bulk of production. Mostly leaves are grown in Europe. After collection, the raw materials undergo special processing. At one stage, resins are removed from the leaves and then dried.

Al Fakher tobacco with various flavors of orange, cherry, watermelon, guava, banana, etc. will be remembered to you with its bright aftertaste. Sour citruses, sweet berries, exotic fruits  - you will remember their rich taste and aroma of smoke for a long time.

If you are just starting your acquaintance with the exotic art of smoking a hookah, then you should try different tastes in mixes, since smoking only one taste for a long time is difficult.

Therefore, it is advised to purchase several different tobaccos at once with tastes from which you can make a pleasant mix. For example, mixtures of orange-lemon, watermelon-melon, banana-guava smoke easily and fill the room with an unforgettable aroma.

In addition, buying several large packages at once, you You can enjoy selected and self-prepared mixes for a long time. And you won’t have to buy tobacco soon.