Tobacco Al fakher

Why Al Fakher

Al Fakher tobacco is very popular today and most commonly purchased hookah tobacco. The manufacturing company - Al Fakher Corporation has its headquarters and production in the United Arab Emirates, in the small city of Ajman.  tobacco al faker has been produced since 2001. In 2009, the equipment at the enterprise was completely modernized, which allowed to further improve product quality. In our online store you can find a large assortment of Al-Fajer tobacco at the most attractive prices.

Advantages tobacco al-faker


The main advantages of tobacco al faker are that it:

  • Well soaked;
  • Neatly and finely chopped;
  • It is an ideal value for money; 
  • It tastes good. 

Fans of tobacco al faker from around the world pay tribute to this brand also by high quality tobacco , a raw material for production, and the practical lack of artificial flavors. When using it, it must be borne in mind that Al-Faker is not very heat resistant and is easy to overheat. Many lovers add fresh chopped fruit to the bowl with it.

Packing and packing Al Faker tobacco

Tobacco is packed in bags of sealed aluminum foil , and then packed in a box. At the end, the box is placed in a plastic bag decorated with a branded ribbon. Usually it is packaged in packages of 50 grams, there is a weight of 250 grams, but there is also an economical packaging in buckets of 1000 grams. It is usually in demand for use in cafes and restaurants, private lovers prefer to try all the variety of tastes.

Among the popular types of tobacco al faker should be called such as: 

  • Apricot, captivating with a pleasant smell of fresh fruit;
  • Vanilla, whose smell is a famous afroisiac; 
  • Pineapple with the smell of an exotic summer;
  • Cherry with the traditional favorite smell of ripe berries;
  • Mist with an invigorating, fresh aroma;
  • Energie with the smell of energy and many others gie.

A wide variety of varieties of tobacco allows all hookah lovers to choose an offer to taste. High quality Al-Faker will make you his fan forever. 

Purchase and delivery of al-faker tobacco

Our sellers are professionals in their field, they will be able to answer all your questions related to product quality. They will help pick up tobacco for a hookah for any mood, holiday, season. Tobacco purchased from us can be delivered to any address you specify.