Tobacco Adalya Black

Tobacco Adalya Black

Smoking a hookah is a process that allows you to relieve stress, relax at the end of a hard day or weekend, and also have a good time in good company. Inhaled fragrant smoke was invented in the East, where smoking a hookah is considered an indispensable attribute of an evening pastime. Over time, the hookah became known in our latitudes, where progressive people, as well as experienced smokers, appreciated this type of relaxation.

You can get the maximum pleasure from smoking only with the proper preparation of the hookah, as well as the choice of tobacco for the hookah in Kiev, or other cities, which depend on 90 percent, will be a hookah a pleasant addition to the evening, or it will be a big disappointment. To avoid the second scenario, we recommend ordering Adalya Black tobacco with delivery and experience maximum relaxation and enjoyment of a quality mixture from a leading manufacturer.


Brand Adalya appeared relatively recently on the shelves of hookah shops. However, in a short time, this Turkish-German mixture was able to win the love of both professional hookah lovers and home gathering lovers. Refined tastes, richness, ease of working with products from this brand became decisive factors for those who chose to buy Adalya Black and continue to smoke just this look.

In fact, this species is a high-quality moissile, a black mixture that is made from selected Burley leaves. They give a rich taste, aroma, as well as a high strength, which will be appreciated by real fans of gourmet tobacco varieties.

The consistency of the mixture is well-soaked finely chopped leaves that due to the special cooking method, they have a rather high level of heat resistance. Adalya Black tobacco in Kiev does not require a special method of preparation. Masters recommend hammering it, fluffing in a bowl, slightly stepping back from foil or kalaud. In the event that there is a desire to soften smoking a little, it is recommended to make a small well leading to the central opening of the bowl. This will increase air circulation and make it possible to slightly reduce the severity of the mixture when smoking.

Buying Adalya Black in the online store is very simple. It is enough to place an online order, which will be delivered as soon as possible to the specified address. You can order Adalya Black by courier in Kiev in the . Always available are all the most popular tastes, at the lowest prices.