Starbuzz Vintage (Starbaz Vintage)

Starbuzz Vintage - Traditional recipes and a fresh look

Tobacco for the hookah Starbuzz Vintage series is a separate line from the American manufacturer, which has a slightly higher strength compared to the original tastes from Starbuzz. The Vintage line boasts an original recipe. The base is a black tobacco leaf that has undergone a drying process, which is then soaked in black molasses, with the addition of natural honey and flavorings. Due to this, mixes are highly saturated and smoky. The manufacturer also claims that natural spices, as well as extracts of flowers and fruits of tropical fruits are used as the basis for flavorings.

Starbuzz Vintage tobacco overview

The mixture under the Starbaz Vintage brand name is called this is partly due to the special packaging stylized as natural wood. It is very convenient to store the mix in it after opening the sealed packaging. A volume of 200 grams is enough for individual evening pokuros after work, as well as for purchase in a hookah bar or club for mixing and experimenting with different flavors.

Fresh tobacco is well soaked in molasses, so some experienced smokers prefer squeeze slightly and then fluff it before laying in the bowl. This allows you to achieve maximum disclosure of taste and the production of thick smoke. 

Additional advantages of tobacco blends from this manufacturer: 

  • High degree of purification, making it possible to use the mixture even for beginner hookah workers with almost no preparation ;
  • Sealed packaging that allows you to preserve the flavor of the mix during transportation and before sale;
  • High smoke, saturation and duration of smoking;
  • Pretty good heat resistance, allowing the mixture to be used as in a traditional hookah, t using kalauda.

The best tastes from Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco

There are about 10 different flavors from Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco on the market. Almost all of them are available in our online store, where you can buy them at a very affordable price.

Among the most memorable are the following tastes:

  1. TIRAMISU - the familiar flavor of cream dessert. Delicate, soft and at the same time invigorating, coffee, it will not leave indifferent any hookah gourmet;
  2. ORANGE CHOCOLATE - a ready-made mix from the creators of tobacco, combining the sourness of a traditional orange and the ductility and sweetness of chocolate flavors and aromas;
  3. DARK MIST - a classic blackberry flavor, most fully revealed on its own. The main highlight is the absence of mint, unlike the tastes offered by other manufacturers;
  4. DARK CARIBBEAN - a cola flavor in which a note of lemon is traced, refreshing and giving sourness and freshness;
  5. SWEET CIGAR - Original taste from Starbuzz Vintage. Noble cigar smoke of high strength and sufficient depth will not leave indifferent even the most demanding connoisseurs of hookah vacations. 

On the website Tabakka online store you can choose the perfect tobacco option for any hookah smoker. There is everything here for you to enjoy it. Starbaz vintage tastes has different, so you have plenty to choose from. All of them are bright, rich and incredible. Of course, each taste has its own characteristics that you should consider when buying.