Tobacco Starbuzz 250 grams

Starbuzz tobacco 250 grams - practicality and quality

Starbuzz tobacco, produced in a packing of 250 grams, is an excellent solution for both the novice hookah lover, and for bars or clubs where a sufficient volume of mixture is required for creating mixes.

The original taste of Starbuzz 250g tobacco

Today, Starbuzz is a recognized leader in the tobacco industry. Despite its relatively short history, as well as the fact that until the beginning of the 2010s it was impossible to find it anywhere except in the USA itself, this tobacco has become almost an example of quality and richness of taste. In hookah bars, it is in great demand, so today in any city in Ukraine Starbuzz 250g will not be difficult to buy.

American tobacco Starbuzz - premium at an affordable price 

As part of tobacco blends from Starbuzz only natural ingredients are present. Basis - Virginia tobacco leaf, finely chopped for maximum impregnation, and natural honey and natural flavors are used as syrup. 
This set of ingredients classifies this tobacco as premium, so the price of Starbaz 250 grams will be slightly higher than for the same packaging from other manufacturers. However, this fact is more than paid for by the refinement of taste, smokiness, pleasant sweetness and duration of smoking. 
It is also worth noting its moderate strength, due to its low content and increased smoke. Due to these factors, the hookah smokes longer and nicer, so tobacco from this brand can be safely recommended even to beginners.

Convenient packaging of Starbuzz

Given the fact that the brand catalog contains up to 100 mixes, then even the most demanding lover of hookah smoke will be interested in experimenting with aromas and mixing several tastes that you like. Packing Starbuzz 250 grams is ideal for this process. Delivered in sealed metal boxes, these tobaccos are ideal for mixing, both with other flavors of the line and with mixtures from other brands.

The sealed metal box is perfect for the tobacco not to dry, but to volume 250 grams is enough for both experiments and simple pokur. Moreover, in this packaging you can always find the usual tastes from Starbuzz, and original branded mixes, such as:

  • Pirates Cave;
  • Blue Mist;
  • Code 69 and others.

You can buy Starbaz tobacco in a package of 250 grams at the Tobacco online store at an attractive price. Order your favorite mix right now and enjoy the original flavors today.