Tobacco Starbuzz 100 grams

100 grams of Starbuzz is a smoky pleasure!

American tobacco brands have established themselves on the market as suppliers of the best product. Naturalness, variety of mixes, a wide palette of tastes, as well as the presence of different packaging - all this fully satisfies the demand of customers. However, among all the brands from the United States, the most famous producer in the world - Starbuzz - stands out especially. This tobacco holding is considered an example of high quality products, and also boasts the presence of more than a hundred tastes in the assortment.

Packing 100 grams of Starbuzz is considered the most popular, due to the sufficient volume both for a large number of one-time pokur and storage of tobacco, and for regular blocking and mixing with other mixtures. 

Starbuzz - premium hookah tobacco

The main feature of Starbuzz tobacco mixes is their natural taste. A wide palette of aromas allows you to find exactly the taste that will be most suitable for a relaxed mood.

It is also worth noting that the taste properties of this hookah tobacco are the result of mixing only natural ingredients. The basis is a sheet of Golden Virginia, and the impregnation is a mixture of natural honey and molasses. This allows the tobacco leaf to be saturated with syrup and give off the aroma during smoking, revealing the most subtle notes.

However, when smoking a hookah, you should be careful and try not to overheat the tobacco. Due to the fact that the sheet is quite delicate, it can begin to bitter at high temperatures. To prevent this from happening, they are hammered into the bowl of Starbazz not to the very top, but with a small depression or funnel. They also actively use the bowl of fannel.

The premiumness of this tobacco is also indicated by the convenient box in which 100 grams of Starbuzz is packed. It is very convenient to store tobacco in it after printing a sealed bag, and a tightly closed lid allows the tobacco to remain juicy and not dry out much longer.

Choose Starbazz tobacco

Today in Ukraine you can find tobacco from this brand in the Tobacco online store. Starbaz tobacco price of 100 grams of packs in the store catalog will pleasantly surprise the most frugal customers, and a wide selection of flavors will make it possible to experiment and create your own mix.