Tobacco Starbuzz

Tobacco Starbaz - Premium Taste and Quality

Among the tobaccos for tobacco, American brands stand apart. A large selection of manufacturers from the American continent is due to the fact that it was in the United States, much earlier than on the European continent, that smoking of aromatic smoke became a very popular form of leisure. In turn, some enthusiasts decided to establish the production of authentic American tobacco, and not use imported imported species that were imported mainly from the Middle East. So the main players of the American hookah market were born. Among these pioneers was the young company Starbuzz, which in just a few years has gone from a local manufacturer to a supplier of premium quality tobacco to almost all corners of the globe.

Today, Starbuzz tobacco can be bought in Ukraine in almost any specialized The shop and this is actively used by both lovers of hookah leisure and clubs where the demand for starbases is always high regardless of the season.

Benefits and features of Starbuzz

First of all, it’s worth noting that as a source of raw materials for hookah mixes it takes only a select list of Golden Virginia - tobacco varieties common in the United States. At the same time, a very thorough purification of solid fractions and impurities takes place at the production stage, leaving only crushed succulent leaves. 
In the future, to create unique mixes, syrups and impregnations of American production are used, based on only natural components:
  • Honey;
  • Glycerin;
  • Extracts of flowers and fruits;
  • Branded ingredients from the manufacturer.

a special feature of the tobacco can be considered an increased concentration of glycerol in the impregnation whereby mixes starbaz mo ut boasts a very dense smokiness. 

Tastes Starbuzz and a variety of flavors

Today, tobacco Starbaz you can buy a wide variety of tastes, good, fragrance palette of the brand is very broad and covers the entire range of popular destinations, starting from sour and refreshing, ending with heavy sweet, coffee flavors or specific aromas of spices and spices characteristic only for the original types of tobacco from this brand.


The most popular mixes from Starbaz:

  • Pirates Cave - a light aroma of fresh lime and refresh citrus fruits;
  • Blue Mist - one of the most famous flavors - sweet blueberries with menthol;
  • Lebanese Bomb Shell - the original taste from Starbuzz - has a rich smell of fir branches and fir in combination with lightness of taste and great smokiness;
  • UFO - an interesting aroma combining the taste of cream and the smell of citrus fruits;
  • Flower Power - the most "floral" smell of the line.

This is not all the models on the market. Today, there are more than 100 types of blends in the range, while the price of Starbuzz tobacco is considered quite affordable, despite the availability of cheaper tobacco on the market.

Tobacco for Starbuzz hookah is the optimal strength and saturation

Another distinctive feature of the mixtures from Starbaz can be called a moderate fortress. This is the result of gentle processing and thorough soaking of the boiled Virginia leaves. However, it is worth noting that Starbuzz tobaccos are not very heat-resistant, so when you smoke them you can put less coal, and it is advisable to ensure that the mixture does not burn during smoking.

Starbuzz hookah also boasts very convenient packaging. The mixture is packaged in a round metal can that can be closed in which it is very convenient to store the mix after unpacking the sealed package. This mainly distinguishes American-made tobacco, as most brands from the Middle East pack their products in plain cardboard and a sealed plastic bag in which the mixture dries faster. 
You can buy Starbuzz tobaccos right now. It is enough to choose the mix you like, the amount (100 or 250 grams) and buy it in the online store. The order will be delivered to the specified address as soon as possible.