Tobacco Social Smoke 100 grams

Social Smoke 100 grams

Social Smoke is an American tobacco brand that is quickly gaining popularity in the Ukrainian hookah environment. High quality, reasonable price and excellent smoking characteristics - all this makes Social Smoke tobaccos one of the most popular on the market and an increasing number of hookah bars and clubs have in their assortment flavors from this brand.

One of the forms Packing this Social Smoke 100 grams. This is the ideal amount of the mixture to enjoy high-quality smokers of the selected tobacco, as well as experiment, mixing it with other flavors and brands.

Features of the tobacco Social Smoke 100 gramm

American tobaccos, in bulk , can brag of high quality and natural origin of fragrances. Often, natural honey is used as the basis for syrup. Thanks to him, the smoke is not bitter, it is easily smoked, and the mixture in the bowl does not burn. Convenient and practical packaging of Social Smoke 100 gramm allows you to save tobacco for much longer due to a sealed lid, so you can easily purchase this tobacco with the expectation that you can smoke it for a long time and taste new tastes in parallel.

Hookah from this brand is also called the “Starbuzz Killer”, as in the States themselves and in other countries, these brands are competing. However, due to more natural ingredients, Social Smoke does not give away with some “chemicality” when smoking, which is typical for some mixes from Starbazz. 
It is also worth noting that Social Smoke tobacco 100 grams is very light, due to its low nicotine content. Its strength is ideal for beginners, and the variety of flavors and the presence of a large number of successful mixtures will make it possible to fully get acquainted with this tobacco.

Smart Smoke choice

Today, Social Smoke tobacco 100 grams can be purchased at the Tobacco online store. There are many mixes to choose from that will not leave indifferent even the most demanding smoker.