Tobacco Social Smoke

Tobacco Social Smoke - discover the taste of America!

American tobacco brands appeared on the Ukrainian market a little later than the Middle East. However, this did not stop them from almost immediately gaining widespread popularity and becoming practically a standard that is worth pursuing.

Most experienced hookah workers can immediately call half a dozen hookah tobaccos native to the United States, but strong Tangiers will always be presented in the first three , exotic and aristocratic Starbaz and the original Social Smoke. And if the first two are very popular among hookah masters, the latter cannot boast of the same demand. However, every year the demand for this tobacco is growing, and an increasing number of hookah bars and clubs make it possible to try this original tobacco.

History of the appearance of tobacco Social Smoke

The manufacturer was founded in 2003 year, three friends - enthusiasts of the hookah movement, immigrants from the Middle East. Initially, it was a small online store of hookah paraphernalia. However, almost immediately, the owners developed their own line of tobaccos, which began to be quite successful, as a large number of new flavors immediately went on sale that were not previously seen by competitors. 

In the United States, Social Smoke is called “Killer” Starbuzz ”, since in the next few years the sales of this tobacco brand may well exceed the performance from Starbazz and become the most popular American product on the market.

Taste features of tobacco mixes from Social Smoke

Tobacco from this brand by It gained its popularity due to the wide variety of flavors in the line, unobtrusive and at the same time bright taste, and a pleasant aftertaste, which is typical for almost all aromas from Social Smoke. You also can’t ignore the original mixes from this brand, which today are very popular in all countries.

Characteristics of Social Smoke mixes

The basic principles that guide the team of specialists from Social Smoke, sound as follows: 

  • The naturalness of the ingredients;
  • High quality raw materials;
  • Thorough cleaning;
  • Convenient packaging and packaging.

Before we talk about the physical characteristics of the mixture, it is worth noting that the raw materials processing engaged Texas e company American Craft Hookah Tobacco. This company is famous for its innovative approach to creating hookah tobaccos and flavorings, but it uses exclusively natural ingredients.

Golden Virginia sheets purchased in Germany are used as raw materials. Hand-picked leaves practically do not contain twigs, stems and impurities, which positively affects the smoking process, since the mixture does not burn.

Specialists of the company often joke that with the exception of tobacco leaf. All the ingredients of the mixtures are edible and there is some truth to this. Dyes and preservatives are not used in finished tobacco, but only natural ingredients. Due to this, the finished moissile has a yellowish-brown color, and not reddish-orange, like most similar mixtures. 

A sufficient amount of marinade allows the tobacco leaf to thoroughly soak and be saturated with aroma, however, the finished mixture does not need in a spin, and immediately ready to put it in the bowl.

As for the packaging, it is tight enough to use it as a container for storing the mixture after opening a sealed plastic bag. In a jar in which tobacco is delivered to the shelves, Social Smoke tobacco will not lose its flavor for several months. 

Smoke puffs with Social Smoke tobacco

The leaf is cut medium so that when stacked it should be a little fluffy. However, this type of cutting allows you to almost completely avoid burning tobacco. When overheated, the taste of tobacco practically does not change, which distinguishes Social Smoke tobacco from other American brands that are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Smoking time for one block lasts from 40 to 60 minutes, which is enough to reveal the taste of the mix.

You can hammer mixes from Social Smoke into any bowl, but the taste is best revealed when using the fannel.

The palette of tastes from Social Smoke

Today you can buy Social Smoke in Ukraine in the Tabakka online store at a bargain price. Always available are both original flavors and mixes, as well as popular flavors, characteristic for the assortment of almost every hookah brand.

Among the original flavors you can highlight a peculiar top of flavors, which will necessarily include the following: 

  • Banana Forster - a delicate aroma of a banana dessert with vanilla ice cream;
  • Voltage - an invigorating citrus flavor combined with sweet Amaretto liquor and watermelon;
  • Baja Blue - blueberry berry aroma , raspberries and grapes, combined with milk chocolate; 
  • The Zero Absolute - freshest yatny taste that is ideal as a base for mixes; 
  • Tigers Blood - Blueberries, raspberries, cherries and strawberries are finished taste that originals no one manufacturer

You can buy Social Smoke tobacco of these and other flavors in the Tobacco online store. Order an original tobacco mix and start experimenting today!