Tobacco Nakhla

Tobacco for hookah Nakhla (Nakhla) - a highlight of the East

Hookah, as a type and way of spending leisure time originated in India, but it was most widely used in the Middle East, where the tradition of smoking fragrant tobacco is still  Since then, it is considered one of the most iconic for Eastern people. 

With the advent of hookah bars and establishments in Ukraine, there was a demand for flavored tobacco, and it was products from Middle Eastern manufacturers that became the most popular and in demand at the dawn of the emergence of hookah culture in our country. country. One of the first mass-imported tobacco for hookah was, namely, Nakhla - a brand with more than a century of history. Today, you can buy Nakhla in Ukraine in almost any specialized tobacco online store or supermarket.

The history of the origin of Nakhla tobacco 

Tobacco for Nakhla hookah appeared at the very beginning of the 20th century, when one of Egyptian merchants opened a small production of "moissile" mixtures containing glycerin, molasses and special aroma oils, impregnating tobacco leaf. Local nobles liked these mixtures so much that the merchant began to actively sell his own mixes in other countries. Over time, Nakhla Tobacco has become one of the largest manufacturers of hookah mixes. Only with the widespread use of hookah in Europe and North America, the brand began to concede a small market share to American or European competitors. However, despite increased competition, the price of Nakhla tobacco to this day remains affordable and affordable for all heavy smoke lovers.

Characteristics of tobacco from the manufacturer Nakhla

In essence, which tobacco to buy Nakhla which can be in any tobacco store, is a blend of different varieties of coarse-cut leaves. It is due to the large particles that fall into the moissile that the Nakhla must be pre-cleaned before being driven into the bowl. Most often, there may be twigs or leaf veins that can burn during smoking.

The strength of tobacco is above average, and the flavor resistance lasts from 40 minutes to an hour with the right block and location of coals. 

Other characteristics: 

  • Increased smokiness;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • Huge selection of flavors;
  • High quality, like raw materials and flavorings.

Tastes of tobacco Nakhla (Nakhla)

The brand catalog contains several hundred different flavors, both solo flavors and various ready-made mixes. The brand also features several dozen lines. Of these, the most popular are three: 

  • Mizo;
  • Mix;
  • Fakhfahin.

In them Presents ready-made mixtures that delight smokers for more than one year. Today, it is possible to buy tobacco for a hookah, as well-known to all the top tastes, as well as to less well-known mixes. Among the top ones, they distinguish:

  • Cosmopolitan - a taste that repeats the famous cocktail with sourness and berry notes;
  • Icy apple is one of the most acidic and refreshing at the same time aromas from Nakhla;
  • Lychee - one of the most popular ingredients for mixing;
  • Blueberries - a classic aroma of ripe blueberries, sweet, but with sourness;
  • Double apple - the most popular flavor of Nakhla, which has become the hallmark of the brand, and who have not been able to repeat the competition;
  • Watermelon - soft and rich first taste of red fruit is also considered one of the most successful of the brand. 

Tobacco Nakhla buy in Ukraine is possible in the online store Tabakka. The brand’s catalog contains a number of flavors, both mono aromas and ready-made mixes from the manufacturer. Choose fragrant and high-quality hookah tobaccos in the Tobacco shop and enjoy the taste of a real smoky holiday!