Tobacco Mazaya

Tobacco for hookah Mazaya

Our store offers Mazaya hookah tobacco. This type of tobacco is of the highest quality, due to the use of only natural ingredients. It is manufactured in Jordan by Al Zawrae. Its release began in 2010.  The headquarters of the company is located in the capital of Jordan - Amman. While it is most common in the Gulf countries, but gradually it conquers Europe and now finds its loyal fans among Ukrainian tobacco lovers.

Advantages  Mazay brand

The main advantages of the brand recognized by all tobacco buyers, both wholesale and retail, are:

  • The highest quality of the tobacco itself;
  • Variety of flavors, and all aromatic additives are environmentally friendly;
  • Convenience, tightness and reliability of packaging, a variety of packaging options;
  • The use in the manufacture of modern, innovative technologies. 

Most fans say the unusually light taste of tobacco and very precise shades of transmission. Raw tobacco comes to the manufacturer from France, before being sent for processing, all tobacco leaves are checked for compliance with the highest quality standards. 

Wrapping and packing of Mazay hookah tobacco

Tobacco Mazaya  usually hung in 50 gram packages . It is packed in bags of airtight aluminum foil, and then packed in a box that fits placed in a plastic bag decorated with a signature ribbon. Among the tastes that customers like, one can mention the following:

  • Berries, with an unrivaled aroma of red berries;
  • Cherry, especially beloved for delicate and spicy aroma; 
  • Roses, a delicate and refined smell has many fans;
  • Chewing gum, this is a typical oriental delicacy;
  • Celestial fruits, bright and expressive ;
  • Melon, spicy and tender;
  • Apple and grapes and many others. 

Tobacco one type can be used independently, or you can make mixes of several varieties. The number of combinations is unlimited.

Purchase and delivery of hookah tobacco Mazaya

If you decide buy tobacco in our store, our sellers will be able to professionally answer all your questions related to product quality. They will help you choose tobacco for any mood, holiday, season. Tobacco purchased from us can be delivered to any address you specify. For bulk purchases, a flexible discount system is possible.