Tobacco Al numa

Tobacco Al numa

Another representative of Jordanian tobaccos is Alnuma. For a relatively short period of time in the domestic hookah market, this tobacco has proven excellent smoking properties. That is why it is very popular among fans of smoking a hookah. Among the tobaccos of this price segment, it can be compared with one of the leaders in popularity - tobacco AlFakher . A significant advantage of tobacco Alnuma is the fact that the cost of the product makes it affordable for most smokers.

Features and benefits of tobacco Alnuma

Used as the basis for the smoking mixture from Jordan white tobacco leaf. It is cut into small enough, after which it is soaked and flavorings are added. The medium-moist tobacco, which is obtained in the end, is easy to fluff, so it’s not difficult to get a bowl for them even for a beginner in hookah smoking. In addition, in the composition of the mixture you are unlikely to find logs or sticks, which guarantees perfect taste and purity of taste. 

So, among the main advantages of tobacco Alnuma can be distinguished:

  • heavy smoke;
  • no garbage in mixture composition; 
  • natural taste;
  • optimal heat resistance;
  • reasonable cost.

The brightness of the taste is not reduced by 45 minutes, so you can safely smoke a hookah for a given period of time, getting real pleasure.

Taste line and top tastes from the Alnuma brand

The line of flavors from Alnuma brand contains more than 15 different sound mixes and mono tastes.  Among those that are most popular:

  • Alnuma Double grape - a bright smack of natural grapes that exhale gives a pleasant sourness;
  • Alnuma Mixberry (Berry Mix) - a rather sweet, but not sugary mix, the taste of which is clearly felt notes of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and other wild berries;
  • Alnuma Green melon is a stunning honey melon that will delight not only a pleasant sweet awn but also a light sourness, perfectly complementing the resulting smoke; 
  • Alnuma Orange mint (Mint orange) - this mix is ​​perfect for lovers of refreshing tastes. The popular citrus fruit goes well with peppermint coolness, allowing the smoker to cheer himself up by lighting a fragrant hookah.

In our online store you can easily find high-quality tobacco that will give you real pleasure from the hookah smoking process. 

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