Tobacco Mazaya 50 grams

Tobacco Mazaya in small packaging

Mazaya is a product manufactured by the company Al Zawrae since 2010. Al Zawrae is a well-known cigarette company, which relatively recently began to conquer the European market, but has already managed to gain considerable popularity here. Many experienced hookah workers prefer Mazaya products because they are convinced of the high palatability of this tobacco. 

Let's look at a few of the most popular types of tobacco for hookahs: 

  1. Mazaya Watermelon is the true summer mood of the watermelon along with the astringency of excellent hookah tobacco . An excellent smoking mixture with a bright aroma and a pleasant aftertaste will certainly not leave you indifferent. This tobacco was appreciated not only by amateurs, but also by professional hookah makers, who recognized the combination of watermelon freshness and tobacco as one of the best. Mazaya Watermelon has excellent taste both individually and when creating mixes with other Mazaya tobaccos.
  2. Mazaya Grapes , which is highly regarded by many professional hookah makers. The presence of subtle notes of grapes gives this tobacco an exquisite wine flavor, which, coupled with strong tobacco, forms an incomparable taste and lasting pleasant aftertaste. Sheets of tobacco are soaked by special technology, after which they are finely chopped and packaged. The traditional recipe allows you to get really vivid taste characteristics that will not leave any hookah lover indifferent.
  3. One of the most universal types of tobacco is Mazaya Vanilla. It is characterized by excellent taste qualities, combining the light sugary of vanilla and the taste of gourmet tobacco, which, when mixed, create a pleasant aftertaste.