Tobacco Adalya Raspberry Pie (Raspberry Pie) - 50 grams

The Adalya Raspberry Pie (Raspberry Pie) has an excellent aftertaste. The sweet and tasty smoke that results from smoking such a hookah can be smoked for a long time, since the taste practically does not bother. Vanilla notes of sweet cake are pleasantly complemented by the brightness of raspberries, which is especially good in this taste. 
Try, recommend!

Amazing tobacco for hookah Adalya proved itself to be plentiful smoky , excellent taste, high heat resistance and reasonable price. Smoking it is easy and pleasant, as the product is of medium strength. A small 50 gram pack of tobacco is enough for a long time, because to fill the bowl you need a very small portion of it - the shisha is very concentrated.

Country Турция
Taste Пирог
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