Tobacco Adalya Love 66 (Love 66) - 50 grams
  • Tobacco Adalya Love 66 (Love 66) - 50 grams
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Tobacco Adalya Love 66 (Love 66) - 50 grams

85 UAH

 The popular tobacco flavor of Adalya Love 66 (Love 66) perfectly combines watermelon and passion fruit, although to some, this mix resembles a passion fruit with floral notes. In general, the aftertaste is more sweet than sour, but at the same time, it certainly doesn’t have a cloy.

Smoking such tobacco perfectly refreshes and invigorates. Worth a try. Turkish tobacco for hookah Adalya occupies a leading position in the hookah market. Smoky and natural, he has long managed to win the hearts of many smokers. Distinctive properties of such a mixture for smoking are excellent heat resistance, proper slicing and the use of only natural flavors. The result is a delicious taste that you want to smoke for as long as possible.

Country Турция
Weight 50 грамм
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