Tobacco Adalya Lemon Pie (Lemon Pie) - 50 grams
  • Tobacco Adalya Lemon Pie (Lemon Pie) - 50 grams
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Tobacco Adalya Lemon Pie (Lemon Pie) - 50 grams

70 UAH

A bright representative of the dessert line from the Adalya trademark is tobacco with the taste of Lemon Pie (Lemon Pie). The pleasant vanilla sweetness of fragrant pastries is perfectly complemented by the sourness of lemon. Breathing in the delicious smoke, it seems as if you are biting off a piece of fresh home-made cake. 

The taste is completely perfect and as bright as possible. Smoke only solo! High-quality tobacco for Adalya hookah managed to win the love of many hookah smokers. Both experienced hookah men and beginners in this field choose it. Thanks to the correct slicing, it will not be difficult to fill the bowl, and the excellent heat resistance of the mixture prevents its burning and the appearance of an unpleasant aftertaste during smoking.

Country Турция
Taste Пирог
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