Tobacco Adalya Ice Orange (Ice Orange) - 50 grams
  • Tobacco Adalya Ice Orange (Ice Orange) - 50 grams
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Tobacco Adalya Ice Orange (Ice Orange) - 50 grams

70 UAH

The real citrus boom from the Turkish brand for the production of smoking mixtures is Adalya Ice Orange tobacco (Ice Orange) - 50 grams. Bright orange is harmoniously complemented by a chilling coolness, creating an unusually refreshing aftertaste from smoking a hookah. The lightness and tenderness of such a hookah, combined with the saturation of tobacco, makes you want to smoke the mix for as long as possible.

Tobacco for Adalya premium class hookah has long gained a lot of fans among those who like to smoke nargile. In the pack you will not find logs and sticks, as the manufacturer pays great attention to the quality of the mixtures. In addition, all products are created on the basis of natural flavors, so you can fully expect that you will get the taste declared on the pack.


Country Турция
Taste Апельсин
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