Tobacco Adalya Discovery (Discovery) - 50 grams
  • Tobacco Adalya Discovery (Discovery) - 50 grams
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Tobacco Adalya Discovery (Discovery) - 50 grams

70 UAH

Under the unusual name of tobacco Adalya Discovery (Discovery) - 50 grams hides a mix of lemon cake and vigorous mint. Very fresh, probably too much. Taking a breath of such smoke creates a feeling of complete freedom and weightlessness. For lovers of chilling flavors - a real find. 

Turkish tobacco for hookah Adalya is a quality and affordable product. A diverse flavor line allows everyone to find a favorite in it for themselves and enjoy the selected taste for as long as possible. Natural flavors that are part of smoking blends allow you to feel the real harmony of taste, even without a hint of chemistry.


Country Турция
Weight 50 грамм
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