Tobacco Adalya Bubble Gum (Bubble Gum) - 50 grams
  • Tobacco Adalya Bubble Gum (Bubble Gum) - 50 grams
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Tobacco Adalya Bubble Gum (Bubble Gum) - 50 grams

70 UAH

New from the Turkish manufacturer - Adalya tobacco with Bubble Gum flavor (Bubble Gum) - 50 grams. Taking the first breath of fragrant smoke, the taste of sweet chewing gum familiar from childhood is felt. The taste is very good, not sugary, but sweet enough. The solo comes in wonderfully and does not bother for a long time. It's worth it to try it.

Stunning tobacco for Adalya hookah has long been appreciated by hookah lovers. Proper and high-quality slicing, combined with an adequate price, make it an excellent choice as a clog for the bowl. For little money you can buy smoky and fragrant tobacco, which does not burn out for as long as possible and gives all its properties to hookah smoke.


Country Turkey
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