Silicone hose Acrylic White
  • Silicone hose Acrylic White
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Silicone hose Acrylic White

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Silicone pipe for a hookah

Despite the fact that hookah is a traditional smoking device, the history of which dates back more than a hundred years, more and more accessories constantly appear to it, the main task of which is to make the smoking process more convenient. More durable and easy-to-care accessories appear, and silicone has become one of the latest solutions in the industry.

Advantages of silicone pipes for hookah

Silicone hookah tubes equipped with a glass mouthpiece are not only inferior to ordinary pipes in any way, but even surpass them in appearance and technical characteristics.

And, as practice shows, such tubes are of really high quality and a number of advantages: 

  • The main advantages of such tubes are cleanliness and reliability. They are very easy to wash, they are not afraid of moisture and are very durable.
  • Despite the fact that the tip is made of glass, it is very durable and has an anodized coating.
  • Silicone hookah hoses cannot be broken, which distinguishes them from other washable hoses. They are very flexible and durable.
  • Since such a tube consists of two layers, you can not worry about the fact that it touches burning coals and causes an unpleasant aftertaste. At the same time, the inner layer can be either colored or have a color, which greatly improves its appearance. 
  • The original glass mouthpiece can be decorated with various patterns. 
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