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Hookah Hose MYA Royal Red
  • Hookah Hose MYA Royal Red
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Hookah Hose MYA Royal Red

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The hose itself for a hookah MYA Royal & nbsp; Red is quite large in diameter, and this the option is super wide. Its size in cross section reaches 2 cm. Such a device also has a considerable length - 195-200 cm. Of course, such a width is for those who like thick smoke saturated with bright aromas. If you are like that, this hose will definitely suit you. I would like to mention such a detail as a very convenient mouthpiece. It fits perfectly in the smoker's mouth, without causing discomfort, thanks to a thoughtful design. Since the manufacturing company is a prominent favorite of many hookah lovers, there is no need to praise its charms. For beginners, we only note that the company is very serious, reliable, demanding of itself. So there will definitely not be any claims to quality. And in terms of beauty, MYA is superior to most competitors.

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