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Kaloud Oduman

Kaloud Oduman

Shop World of Tobacco presents to your attention a device that allows you to control the temperature of coal - kalaud Oduman . This is a high-quality copy of the device popular worldwide, the developers of which are Americans. Despite this, the kalaud lotus we offer is not much different from the American one, and at the same time costs much lower.

Advantages of Kaloud Oduman replica: 

  • significantly reduces the amount of ash, chemical components and small particles, making the smoke clean and soft;
  • lengthens the smoking process;
  • allows you to not torment with foil and not use an aluminum screen;
  • makes smoking a hookah more comfortable, since you have to turn over the coals much less often.

When using the device, you will notice that the heat spreads evenly over the entire area, while the tobacco burns and smokes longer.  Kaloud Oduman, the price of which is more than affordable in the World of Tobacco , is ideal for use in various institutions and at home.

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