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Kaloud lotus Flower
  • Kaloud lotus Flower
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Kaloud lotus Flower

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Kaloud Lotus in Ukraine

Dear visitor, we are pleased to welcome you to our online store. Here you will buy everything you need for a hookah, and even more than that. A wide range of products from popular manufacturers at a reasonable price is far from all our advantages.

We want to introduce an innovative product - heat control device . This is the most striking and practical invention for a hookah in the last few years.  Calaud lotus , as it is called, is a special nozzle that is placed above the tobacco cup. It contains hot wood coals and with the help of special air-permeable holes - control the temperature of the heat. You can buy kaloud lotus  in Kiev now.

Calaud lotus (kaloud lotus) has a number of bright positive advantages

  1. This is a great replacement foil ;
  2. There will be no more clutter with ash;
  3. No need for a protective bowl - screen;
  4. The hookah smoking session is significantly extended;  
  5. There is no need for frequent movement of coal, which increases the comfort of the smoking process;
  6. Smoke gets rid of chemical impurities, minute particles and ash;
  7. Improves the quality traction;
  8. More safe smoking;
  9. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. 

The device is already ready after ten minutes after installing it. The kalaud lotus flower is attached over the tobacco cup, loaded with pre-heated charcoal and covered with a lid. The manufacturer strongly recommends not to heat the goods with an oven or other heating object, as this will damage it.


Buy kaloud lotus in our store is to purchase original products with all the qualities guaranteed by its manufacturer. Kaloud (USA) uses only high quality and durable materials for its products. Manufacturing technology is comparable to the standards of the medical and aerospace industries. The price policy on our website allows you not only to profitably buy kalaud lotus , but also reduce the cost of its delivery, which is made to any city in the country.


Using the services of our store you save your time and money. We trade only quality goods, we work around the clock, always in touch with customers. The assortment and prices of goods will pleasantly surprise you. We look forward to a productive and long-term cooperation.

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