Kaloud lotus 2 (replica)
  • Kaloud lotus 2 (replica)
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Kaloud lotus 2 (replica)

200 UAH

Our Kaloud lotus 2 is an excellent value for money, which allows you to simply enjoy a hookah. Kaloud lotus 2 (replica) - a device that allows you to regulate the heat of coal, without the use of tongs. It has two comfortable handles and a varnished surface. In size, this replica is consistent with the original and has a high level of quality.

The main advantages of Kaloud lotus 2 (replica):  

  • prolonged smoldering of coal;
  • the draft improves while smoking;
  • less coal is used;
  • no need to use foil;
  • better thermal conductivity compared to the original;
  • a very small amount of ash from coal penetrates into the hookah.

Kaloud lotus 2 (replica) is not much different from the American original and at the same time s an low price.

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