Large tobacco producer - JIBIAR

The popular brand for the production of tobacco for hookah, which has established itself with the big name JIBIAR, is manufactured at a factory in Turkey. The company prides itself on the consistently high quality of its products. In the production of tobacco, a completely new, classified technology is used, thanks to which the taste of tobacco has no analogues in the hookah market.

Selected tobacco sheets, exclusively natural flavors and glycerin, which are part of the JIBIAR smoking blends, are the basis for the fact that the duration of smoking of such tobacco is 1 hour 40 minutes - more than all the world"s production.

Production Features

At the JIBIAR tobacco factory, products undergo regular quality control, which is based on more than 100 parameters. This ensures that Turkish tobacco meets the highest international standards.

JIBIAR Tobacco Production is a full-cycle enterprise. Here, absolutely all processes take place, from the primary processing of tobacco raw materials to the manufacture of packaging for high-quality tobacco.

At the moment, the company has released one unique and effective line of tobacco flavors, which quickly won the love of many fans of smoking a hookah.

Further more

Now the company is working on the development of a second flavor line, which will undoubtedly amaze customers with a lot of hit tastes.

However, the main value of the company is people. The factory and office have more than 100 employees. The company strives to provide them with all the conditions for effective work and professional growth.

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