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Kaloud lotus Flower

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Kaloud lotus replica 

Hookah smoking originated in the Muslim East several centuries ago. Since this refined pleasure found its adherents in the aristocratic salons of Europe and America, its material base has been continuously improved. The new design of hookahs and various accessories for them gives additional comfort and convenience to all participants in the process. The invention of a device for controlling the temperature of coal did not go unnoticed among amateurs, which has already appeared on the shelves of specialized stores.

The appearance of this device was not a surprise. Removing the ashes and turning the coals every ten minutes to maintain a uniform temperature distracts you from pleasure. Now this problem does not exist.  Kaloud lotus replica, made under the license of a well-known American company, will greatly facilitate the work of a hookah man.

A copy of Kaloud lotus in the World of Tobacco online store

Our company is ready to offer its customers everything they need to organize a comfortable and convenient hookah smoking. We cooperate with leading world manufacturers without intermediaries, so our prices are moderate. You can use free shipping with us, order the services of an experienced hookah maker, and also buy a copy of kaloud lotus.

Accessories for a hookah

In addition to the nozzles that regulate the temperature of coal, hookahs and coal themselves, we offer to pay attention to the following products from our catalog: 

  • hookah bowls ;
  • hookah mouthpieces ;
  • hookah tongs; 
  • hookah hoses  ; 
  • baskets for coal;
  • electric stoves for coal; 
  • hole punch for foil;
  • silicone diffusers for hookah;
  • lights for a hookah;
  • gaskets for a bulb;
  • gaskets for a bowl;
  • gaskets for a hose;
  • brushes for a flask ; 
  • brushes for a mine;
  • foil for a hookah;
  • bachi with a handle, etc.

Connoisseurs and hookah lovers understand well how important it is to choose high-quality and right accessories for a smoking device. The high temperature of the coal during the process itself places high demands on some details of the hookah. With low quality accessories, they often fail. We guarantee compliance with the standards for all products in our catalog, including Chinese kalaud lotus for hookah. Each visitor to the site will find here a wide range of necessary goods, as well as get comprehensive advice by contacting the duty manager.