Kaloud Lotus original

Kaloud lotus original

Modern technology and the creative genius of the inventor made it possible to create a device for controlling the temperature of coal. This device makes the pleasure of the hookah smoking process more complete, and communication between the participants more intense. The original kalaud lotus can be purchased in the Ukrainian Tabakka online store.

The invention of this device was not a whim of satiated aristocrats. Soft enveloping smoke immerses those present in an atmosphere of trust and tranquility, allowing you to forget about everyday problems and talk about something sublime. But if every ten minutes you have to stir up coals and shake off the ashes, it is very difficult to tune in the right way. This flaw is overcome by using the kalaud lotus of the original.

Description of the Calaud Lotus lineup

Hookah lovers greeted the emergence of a new product with interest and anticipation. And he did not disappoint. The device has all the qualities necessary for true enjoyment: 

  • nice design and color variations of the product; 
  • durable and environmentally friendly harmless material; 
  • uniform temperature distribution; 
  • slow decay of coals; 
  • excellent ventilation system; 
  • successful replacement of the foil.

The kalaud lotus original was developed in the USA and is made from high-quality materials, the strength and safety of which correspond to high standards of hookah smoking. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on these devices manufactured under license from the company. The simplest installation rules, and the effectiveness of the temperature controller makes it very popular in Ukraine.

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Our company works directly with leading manufacturers of hookah accessories . This explains the high quality and friendly prices for all products from our catalog. The nozzle for kaloud lotus cups original meets medical and technological requirements. You can order and purchase it by leaving your coordinates on our website or by contacting us by phone numbers indicated in the contacts section.

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