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Hookah gasket

Hookah gasket

Bowl seal

20 UAH

Hose seal

15 UAH

Sealant for bowl Lex Red

30 UAH

Flask seal

30 UAH

Seal kit

55 UAH

Hookah gaskets

You can learn to smoke a hookah without much effort, however, to master this art completely you will need much more desires than it seems at first glance. The basics of this lesson are pretty simple, and it’s not difficult for a beginner to master the basic rules of smoking. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a hookah and you won’t regret your choice!

Pay attention to the nuances

What is the first thing you need to remember about such a process as smoking a hookah? Of course, attention to detail. You can talk endlessly about how urgent the need is to strictly observe the smallest rules and recommendations - for really high-quality hookah smoking everything matters. Starting directly with accessories for a hookah and tobacco, and ending with individual details, at first glance, completely unimportant details - this is the basis of a high-quality hookah.

The main purpose of the seal

Given that every nuance is of great importance, a sealant for a hookah is also a necessary part of the process. The absence of such a small part that connects the hookah shaft to the bulb can greatly affect the integrity and functionality of the entire system. That is why such a component is really significant and valuable. What is its main purpose? It connects the parts of the hookah so that the air does not dilute with smoke during smoking. It is thanks to such a detail as a sealant that the smoke is saturated, without air admixture and ordinary fumes. It is used to seal the hose, hookah bowls and flask.

What is a sealant made of?

What material is most often used in hookah smoking? What exactly is a sealant for a hookah hose made of? The most common are two types:

  • rubber - due to the strong and thick texture, such a sealant thoroughly fixes the components of the hookah, but it also has certain disadvantages. What are they in? When drying, the quality of the rubber deteriorates, cracks form on it;
  • silicone - this seal is quite elastic, it can easily be compressed or slightly stretched. Such an accessory retains its integrity much longer. As a rule, a thread is also provided for this type of seal: it provides reliable tightness and is made with rubber rings. 

An authoritative website with a good choice!

You can buy a hookah gasket in the online store Tabakka . Our site offers its customers a wide range of quality products, which can be purchased at a reasonable price. High level of service is another advantage of the online store. We will always tell users which option is the most optimal in a given situation.

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