Additional accessories for a hookah 

Most often, connoisseurs of oriental traditions purchase a hookah with a basic set of elements. Smoking tobacco in this case is possible, but there will not be much comfort. Depending on the type and quality of the smoking device, the need to replace some parts for the hookah depends.

Various accessories can be divided into main and additional elements. The first category includes various sizes of meshes, shafts, diffusers, gaskets, saucers and caps. Most of them are affected by the high temperature of coal combustion. Therefore, with a low quality product, a replacement will be required very quickly.

Additional hookah accessories in Ukraine include:

  • Nippers;
  • Brush;
  • Backlight;
  • Adapters;
  • Banks for storing tobacco mixtures;
  • Mouthpieces and others.

Without some accessories, you can smoke a hookah. But at the same time, the level of convenience at the preparatory stage and the smoking process itself will be at a very low level. And this will affect the general atmosphere. Therefore, it will be very unpleasant not to get proper pleasure due to the lack of a useful little thing. 

Also, for many, hookah is not just a smoking tool. In its appearance should be originality. Today you can pick up a lot of modern and high-quality accessories in the Tabakka online store for hookah of any size. As a result, the hookah will get an original look, and you will enjoy maximum comfort in the process of smoking tobacco.