Hookah mouthpieces

How to choose the right mouthpiece for a hookah?

Surely many of you have smoked a hookah at least once in your life. And if some did not like this idea at all, others continue to relax from time to time with the help of aromatic smoke.

Each hookah consists of several parts - a flask for water or another liquid , bowls for tobacco, saucer, pipe and mouthpiece. When buying such a smoking device, they most often pay attention to the flask and bowl, completely forgetting about the small accessories for a hookah . And it is absolutely in vain, because they play a significant role in smoking hookah. One of such important elements is the mouthpiece, which will be discussed.

The purpose of the tips for the hookah

Hookah mouthpiece is a special nozzle that attaches to the end of the pipe. The main purpose of such a tip is to take care of human health. It is indispensable when smoking a hookah in a cafe or other public places or when using a hookah with a large company. Mouthpieces also create a pleasant feeling of inhaling smoke, because touching the metal end of the hose to the lips is not a pleasure. The nozzles on the end of the hookah tube can protect against many diseases - such as herpes, flu and other ailments that are transmitted by airborne droplets.

Types of mouthpieces

Tips for a hookah hose are basically identical in structure (there are straight or curved), but are made of different materials. On sale you can find mouthpieces from:

  • plastic. The most popular, hygienic and widespread tips.  Buying such a hookah mouthpiece is best - it’s inexpensive and fits any pipe.
  • of wood. Not very practical and unhygienic, but durable and beautiful mouthpieces. Suitable for smoking alone.
  • stone. In modern hookahs are very rare.
  • amber. Incredibly beautiful mouthpieces, but fragile and quite expensive.

You should not buy tips from coniferous or other fragrant varieties of wood, as well as nozzles coated with varnish.

It’s best to choose disposable hookah mouthpieces. Most often they are made of plastic. You can purchase several colorful pieces - they are convenient to use when smoking a hookah in the company. Then each person will have their own individual tip - and no one will get confused. 

Cooling mouthpieces are also gaining more and more popularity. These are special tips that cool the smoke, making it much more pleasant to inhale it.

In addition to external nozzles, there are also internal mouthpieces that are attached inside the hookah pipe. They are designed to release the smoke that has accumulated inside the hose.

Buy mouthpieces for a hookah without unnecessary trouble and overpayments

Buying hookah tips is usually not a big deal - they are sold in specialized stores. However, it is much simpler and more convenient to order them on the Internet. The site The world of tobacco offers to purchase high-quality mouthpieces for hookah wholesale and retail.