Kaloud lotus

Calaud lotus for hookah


What is kaloud lotus? Maybe you are unfamiliar this name, if you are a beginner and just get acquainted with the basics of such a multilayer process as hookah smoking. Meanwhile, this accessory is of great importance for the competent organization of this wonderful activity: it is responsible for quality and adds modernity. Those who wish to enjoy a real hookah can’t do without it now.


Key features kaloud lotus


Calaud lotus is one of the most popular hookah accessories. What is its main purpose, and what needs to be remembered about this product in order to apply it competently? It is fixed on the bowl and replaces the foil for the hookah. Now much more modern material is used. Thanks to its use, coals burn longer, the heat spreads evenly, and the taste of coal is not felt. This product is not in vain considered an improved option, because when using ordinary foil, the taste of coal is even felt.

Advantages that will make you buy Kaloud lotus

This accessory also has special curtains that can be used to adjust the temperature (opening or closing them denser). What else is characterized by this device? The presence of valves that prevent the ingress of ash into tobacco and at the same time extend the already rich aroma. If we talk about the most significant advantages of kalaud for a hookah, certain points should be highlighted:

  • Temperature control using covers;
  • There are no “notes” of ash in the taste;
  • Thanks to the use of kalaud, the hookah retains its working capacity much longer, and the coals do not cool down;
  • The coals do not fall out and do not crack; 
  • The heat is distributed evenly.

Modernity is the characteristic most characteristic of the product 

Calaud is Inno Discount product, which is sure to come in handy to fans of a hookah. Such an accessory provides a much better ventilation system for efficiently controlling the temperature of the coals. What is also very important, the process of caring for this product is not particularly difficult: just dip it in water for 10 minutes and the burnt tobacco can be easily removed from the kalauda surface.

Make a bargain - let the modern device diversify your hookah

Kaloud lotus can be bought at Tabakka online store . We provide our users with the opportunity to appreciate the wide range of our products. Prices are affordable, and anyone can also ask consultants for advice. We will help you make an informed choice and purchase accessories that will complement your hookah and provide positive emotions and a satisfactory result. Moreover, kalaud is a great alternative to ordinary foil, which lovers are so used to relaxing with a hookah. However, time is moving forward, and therefore take the opportunity to give the hookah smoking process modernity and comfort.