Hookah bowl

Bowls for hookahs 

A hookah, or as it is also called a nargin, is a smoking device that was invented on East. Over time, he gained great fame in many countries of the world, including in our country. And every day the popularity of nargin is growing more and more.

Those who like to smoke a fragrant hookah probably wondered what the taste of smoke depends on, because one and the same the tobacco in different devices may differ in its aftertaste. It turns out that not only filling the nargin plays an important role, but also hookah bowls (chilim), in which the tobacco is directly placed. Therefore, if you want to enjoy smoking a hookah more, you need to choose the right chillim.

How to choose a good bowl for a hookah?

The modern market offers a large assortment of tobacco containers. And if you set out to buy a hookah bowl in Kiev , then you probably were a little confused. How to choose the right one?

First you need to decide whether you will smoke on your own or with friends, which tobacco and foil you choose, and also indicate the duration of the hookah ceremony. Any chilli should be with an even cut of the upper edge, then the foil will tightly fit the surface of the bowl, which means that the taste of smoke will be better. For smoking, the company should give preference to large bowls for hookahs. You can also choose a chili with several compartments to mix the taste of tobacco. 

Clay, ceramic, fruit - hookah cups ?

The most important thing in choosing a cup for a hookah is the raw material from which it is made. The most common are clay, ceramic and glass chillim. Each of them has its own privileges and disadvantages.

1. Clay bowls. The most suitable vessels for tobacco. A big plus of such chillims is their heat resistance and uniform heating. Thanks to these bowl properties, you can enjoy the taste of tobacco for longer without worrying about burning it. There are disadvantages in such chillims - they quickly absorb odors, so they must be washed thoroughly with soap. But you can lower the bowl into the water only after it has completely cooled - otherwise it will crack.

2. Ceramic bowls. The most common vessels for tobacco. They have not very high heat resistance, so tobacco in them can quickly burn out. But they are more durable and easy to wash.

3. Glass bowls. They are made of refractory glass, hold heat well and are quite practical. However, buying such a hookah bowl is quite problematic - they are rarely sold and are expensive.

4. Bowls of fruit. You can do it yourself using an apple, orange, watermelon or even pineapple. Such bowls, of course, are short-lived, but the pleasure of smoking will be enormous and the taste of the bowl will emphasize the taste of hookah tobacco

Where to get the best bowls? 

Hookah bowl is sold in any specialized stores and shopping centers Kiev. But it is much simpler and more profitable to order it on the Internet.  Tabaka website offers to purchase high-quality chilli from various materials at an affordable price with home delivery. You will not only not spend your personal time, but also significantly save your own money.