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Purchasing a hookah hose

An important detail is the hookah pipe Kiev. Sometimes it is also called the hookah hose , a flexible mouthpiece. Hookah is a difficult device, the operational efficiency of which depends on many factors, including the condition of accessories. The pipe connects to the shaft or top of the flask and is responsible for filtering tobacco during smoking.  Hookah hose collects the harmful substances and foreign resins that are present in the tobacco mixture. That is why high quality is achieved with hookah smoking.

Our online store .ua offers you a wide variety of hookah pipes. They differ in appearance, material, length and diameter of the hose. Before you buy a hose for a hookah , you need to choose the right one, and we will be happy to help you.

Why is it important to buy a quality hose for hookah

Hookah pipe is one of the most important components, according to which aromatic tobacco smoke follows to the consumer. Therefore, you must choose it responsibly and with due attention. 

First of all, you should pay attention to the material from which the hookah hose is made. It can be:

  • skin;
  • silicone;
  • acrylic;
  • plastic.

Leather hookah hoses are quite expensive. however, they have a big drawback - they can not be washed. A great option would be a silicone or acrylic hose. Such a hose for a hookah and is inexpensive, and washes wonderful. Thanks to this, it will be more pleasant to smoke a hookah every time, because there will be no tastes from the previous use. 

When choosing a pipe for a hookah, you need to pay attention to its design. There are collapsible and non-collapsible tubes. The latter are better suited for small hookahs. Collapsible hoses are usually more bulky, but they are good because if one of the parts breaks, it can easily be replaced with a new one without having to buy the entire tube completely.

Now a few words about the length and diameter. The diameter of 1 cm is considered the optimum diameter. The optimal length is the length that will allow you to comfortably sit at a convenient distance from the smoking device and from each other. There is an opinion that the larger the diameter of the hose, the more pleasant and easier the smoking process will be, and the longer the hose for the hookah, the softer the smoke will become.

Do not ignore such parameters as quality and tightness. In this case, everything is simple. If there is no tightness, there will be no traction. As a result, you will not feel any pleasure from the smoking process. And finally, do not forget to pay attention to the appearance of the hose. Here the choice depends only on your preferences and tastes. 

Buy a hose for a hookah in our online store - convenient, fast and inexpensive

If you need a hookah pipe the price of which is fully consistent with the quality, then you got where you need it. In our online store there are only high-quality hoses that will last a long time. Moreover, their cost is quite affordable for everyone. We also offer prompt delivery and the best service. And you yourself can verify this by placing an order on the site.

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