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Hookah tongs are an essential accessory of the ceremony

Smoking tobacco through a hookah should bring positive emotions and relaxation. It is very important that you have all the necessary items in the cooking process of the smoking device. One of the important hookah accessories are coal tongs . In addition to aesthetic value, they are needed for safety.

Required item 

Only a high-quality smoking device may not always provide the desired result. Experienced hookah workers know that the optimum temperature of smoldering tobacco is achieved by periodically removing coal for a short period of time. To safely perform this operation, you should buy hookah tongs . Handy items such as pliers, tweezers, and other tools are not recommended. It is very likely that the coals will fall and catch fire, and you may be injured in the form of a burn. 


The accessory for the coals of a smoking device is made of metal. The material is resistant to sudden changes in temperature and is easy to maintain. The presence of a needle will also allow you to clean the holes in the chilli to improve airflow.

Depending on the size, emit:

  • Small;
  • Medium;
  • Large.

Based on size smoking device, it is necessary to select the best tongs. Depending on the shape, they are:

  • Classic; 
  • Crescent; 
  • Custom shape.

You can also purchase hookah tongs, the price of which is significantly different from simple models. They, in addition to the original form, can have an additional finish. Such an item will certainly attract attention and complement the general atmosphere of the ceremony.


If you purchased a smoking device without a complete set of accessories, you can simply complete it by visiting our site . The range includes tongs of various shapes and finishes. In case of difficulty in choosing, you can always contact a consultant.

By purchasing hookah tongs from us, each client receives:

  • Competitive prices;
  • High quality;
  • Prompt order processing;
  • Minimum time spent (calling by phone or filling out an online form).

Fast delivery to any city in our country will make it possible to make the hookah smoking ceremony more in the near future comfortable. A wide range of accessories is constantly updated with new products.