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Basket for coal average Lex TLY

240 грн.

Coal Basket Lex Depo

520 грн.

Coal Basket Lex Syria

550 грн.

Large coal basket Lex TLY big

250 грн.

Lex Coal Basket Medium

315 грн.

Lex large coal basket

350 грн.

Small coal basket Lex TLY

220 грн.

Lex small coal basket

285 грн.

Baskets for hookah coal

Making a hookah ceremony involves performing basic steps where you need to use additional accessories that are not only decorate a hookah, but also differ in practicality and functionality. Hookah coal basket is one of the most important hookah smoking accessories , it will help to light and transfer your coals comfortably and safely. It is always used both in expensive hookahs and for cozy gatherings with friends at home, where it will help to create a good atmosphere.

Design and advantages of a coal basket

In addition to practical use, this accessory is an original and beautiful element of decor. The main task of the coal basket is to ensure safe ignition of coal. Outwardly, the basket resembles a fruit vase or candy box. It is quite simple to kindle coal in it, where it is heated to high temperature, it is convenient to mix and transfer. You can not worry that hot parts of coal or ash can get on your skin, burn your favorite clothes or a beautiful carpet.

The main elements of the coal basket: 

  • removable bowl; 
  • long arms;
  • stable legs; 
  • protective stand;
  • hook for tongs.

Removable metal bowl, you can easily clean and wash it from soot and soot. Handles are attached to it, which, regardless of the temperature of the coal, remain cold and protect your hands from burns. A protective stand protects your furniture from damage, and you can also shake off ash and place used charcoal. Pretty stable legs, allow you to put a crowded carry on any surface and not be afraid that it will turn over. To quickly remove the ash, you just need to shake the basket. So that your hookah tongs are not lost and are at hand, there is a convenient hook for them on the handle.

Dimensions and advantages of the coal basket

Standard coal basket sizes: 

  • a small basket with a bottom diameter of 12 cm and a height of 28 cm;
  • a medium-sized basket with a bottom diameter of 16 cm and a height of 34 cm;
  • a large basket with a bottom diameter of 18 cm and a height of 36 cm and more. 

You can buy a small basket for coal for single or twin smoking. For gatherings with a friend or on a date with a loved one. If you are more than two people, it is better to take an average basket. Accordingly, large-sized baskets use hookah establishments, where people relax in large companies. Such coal baskets can be bought at an affordable price.

Previously, coal baskets were only clay. The modern model is made of heat-resistant steel, with a matte or shiny surface. It does not rust and does not oxidize, which means it will last you a long time. The basket can be decorated with a forged pattern, and long handles will protect you from burns.

Make the right choice of a basket for coal

Choosing such an accessory, you need to pay attention to its design. The basket should be in harmony in style with your hookah and be a complement to it. Allows you to keep hookah coals always at hand and enjoy the aromatic smoke. For lovers of hookah gatherings, it can be a good gift.