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Calaud Lotus is a unique hookah device first released by an American company in 2012. Its main task is to regulate the heat coming from the coals in the hookah machine. The use of kalaud greatly facilitates the work of the hookah maker, allowing you to correctly select the temperature regime for different types of tobacco. You can buy Calaud Lotus at a bargain price in the World of Tobacco online store.

Calaud Lotus: main specification

Купить Калауд лотус в интернет-магазине Табакка

Calaud — a small metal hookah hookah with a lid and a handle. Hot coals are poured into the cup. Due to the specific arrangement of the holes in the lower part of the kaloud device, correct air circulation is ensured, at which the heat has a certain temperature, and the coals themselves do not go out for a long time.

Today it is one of the most frequently purchased accessories hookah. With Calaud you do not need to use foil, and the effect of the calaud lotus will be much higher. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether you use the original calaud lotus or the calaud lotus replica, the effect for the hookah will be the same.

Choosing calaud, you need to build on the following parameters:

  • the size — is selected strictly according to the size of the hookah bowl; otherwise the tobacco will either not warm up or there will be problems with the installation;
  • number of handles — traditionally one is used; however, for ease of portability, some manufacturers equip their calaud models with two handles;
  • material — the thicker the better; this will ensure uniform heating and prolong the service life calaud.

Advantage calaud over other devices

Those who have ever used a foil for charcoal in a hookah know how difficult it is to work with it and how much the hookah itself pulls the smell of ash. Of course, there is a category of users who will never give up the good old foil. For the rest of the calaud lotus will become an indispensable device.

The first and main advantage of kaloud over conventional foil is that the tobacco absolutely does not stretch the smell of burning coals. This allows for a pure aromatic product for the true pleasure of the smoker. In addition, it makes it easier to refuel the hookah.

In addition, calaud has a number of other positive qualities. Its use allows you to enjoy the smoking process for longer due to the long-term maintenance of the temperature of the coals. Calaud reduces the risk of burning tobacco mixtures, as it prevents excessive temperature rise. The device guarantees uniform heating, due to which the tobacco smoothly opens its aromas.

Calaud Lotus reduces the negative impact on health when smoking hookah. This is due to the absence of carbon monoxide. However, for some lovers of harsh tobacco blends for hookah, this factor may have the opposite effect.

Different mixtures require different temperatures. Special "covers" in kaloud allow you to adjust the heating level of the device.

The disadvantages include, perhaps, only a long warm-up. Otherwise, with the right selection and adequate use, this is an original and convenient device, which, moreover, will increase the presentability of the establishment due to its aesthetic appearance.

Caring for Calaud is easy enough. You just need to rinse the device in water for 10 minutes and dry thoroughly. After that, Calaud can be used again.

Profitable purchase of calaud for a hookah in the Tabakco online store

You can buy Calaud Lotus 2, a new original invention, as well as the standard version of the device in online store Tabakka at the best price. We offer a wide range of hookah products, among which each customer can choose his own version that will decorate a house or institution.

We deliver Calaud both in Kiev and in other cities of Ukraine. Here you can find both the original Calaud Lotus and the Calaud Lotus replica, which also has high characteristics. In case of difficulty in choosing, please contact our consultants. They will help you find the right model. Buy Calaud in the World of Tobacco online store - make the right choice!