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The need for a hookah brush

Actively using the hookah at home, they are faced with the need to maintain it. Obviously, a hookah is a complex device that requires regular care and cleaning. If you do not, then the remnants of the old smoking mixture and other contaminants remaining after smoking will interrupt the aroma of new tobacco.

If you are a happy owner of a hookah, be sure to purchase the necessary accessories for regular cleaning. Here you will find everything that can be useful for this case, including several varieties of hookah brushes.

How to clean a hookah

There are many ways to do this. Here is one of the simplest algorithms on how to keep your own hookah in order. 

  • Carefully disassemble the smoking device; 
  • Remove the foil and residues of used smoking mixture. Drain the water from the flask (remember, you must not drink it!);
  • Re-assemble the hookah.
  • Connect it to the water tap and drive the water out at the beginning against the movement of smoke, and then vice versa;
  • After that, using a brush to clean the hookah , carefully clean the pipe and all its containers. 

Even the smallest remnants of tobacco or scale on the inner walls can spoil your mood during your next smoking. Therefore, we recommend cleaning with the utmost diligence. 

Experienced hookah workers do not use detergents, because they have a stable smell, which is very difficult to get rid of. A proven option is ordinary soda. It is easy to make a porridge from it by adding the required amount of water.

Choose a brush for the hookah

Obviously, every structural element of your smoking device needs to be cleaned with a device of a certain size and shape. For example, you can hardly handle a pipe with a brush for a bulb.

Before buying a brush for a hookah , you need to understand varieties: 

  1. for cleaning the flask from plaque; 
  2. for the hookah shaft. Ideal for removing oxide from the inner walls and soot.

Each of the options has not only specific sizes and shapes. Such brushes also vary in stiffness. After using, be sure to rinse the brush under a stream of water and dry.

If you needed to buy a brush for a hookah, price in our store for this product is one of the most profitable. Take a look at our website, see for yourself.

We are ready to help on any issue related to smoking and serving the hookah.