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Amy coal tongs

75 грн.

Amy coal tongs

190 грн.

Amy Hookah Lighting

180 грн.

Awl for a hookah

75 грн.

Awl LEX Chrome for a hookah

100 грн.

Bacha with Czech handle

75 грн.

Basket for coal average Lex TLY

240 грн.

Bowl for hookah Loft Skull (clay)

270 грн.

Bowl for hookah Minzari

250 грн.

Bowl for NEO Lex hookah (clay)

140 грн.

Bowl seal

35 грн.

Classic hookah bowl Lex (clay)

70 грн.

Cloud Lex Classic Crater Hookah bowl (clay)

130 грн. 170 грн.

Cloud Lex Classic Fire hookah bowl (clay)

130 грн. 170 грн.

Cloud Lex Classic Ocean Hookah bowl (clay)

130 грн. 170 грн.

Cloud Lex Phunnel Сrocodile hookah bowl (clay)

130 грн. 170 грн.

Coal Basket Lex Depo

520 грн.

Coal Basket Lex Syria

550 грн.

Cooling capsule Bazuka Freeze

90 грн.

Electric Hookah Lighter

390 грн.

Electric stove for ignition of coal

350 грн. 400 грн.

The need for accessories for a hookah

Smoking a hookah is one of the modern ways of spending leisure time, which is melting every day more and more popular. Both men and women like him. Such leisure is available in many entertainment venues. However, many lovers of this type of smoking have already bought or are going to buy a hookah home. If you have already become a happy owner of a hookah, then you probably need accessories for a hookah Kiev, thanks to which you can fully use it. If you are just going to buy a hookah, then be sure to buy all the necessary hookah accessories with the hookah so that you don’t have to spend your time looking for them again.

Accessories for hookah in the Tabakka online store

  • nets, foil and awl for hookahs;
  • hookah cleaner;
  • luminous balls in a flask;
  • mouthpieces, brushes,  hole punch for foil; 
  • knives for cutting holes in fruit ;
  • caps, burner capacity for . ice, and more 

Why is it important to choose the right accessories for hookah?

High-quality hookah accessories will not only improve its smoking characteristics, but will also help ease the hookah cooking process itself. For example, an electric stove is very convenient to use for kindling coal. Hoses with larger bore diameters will improve traction and an ice tank will help cool hot smoke. It is convenient to use a special coal basket for transferring hot coal.  

You can also buy a tool for cleaning hookahs from us. With it, you can quickly and easily clean the hookah from soot and the remnants of tobacco for hookah . The product does not foam, is easily washed off and gently cleans the surface. It does not contain harmful and toxic components.

Balls in the flask improve the circulation of water and make the smoking process bright and unforgettable. A foil puncher will help to quickly make a sufficient number of small holes in the foil.

If you need a hookah or accessories for it of high quality and at affordable prices, then you came to the address . In our online store you can choose and buy hookah accessories that will satisfy all your wishes. If necessary, our experts will be happy to provide professional advice.

The advantages of buying accessories for hookah in our online store : 

  • shopping with us is easy and convenient; 
  • our staff is always respectful and care is given to each client; 
  • an individual approach to each customer;
  • loyal pricing policy;
  • delivery throughout Ukraine; 
  • high quality accessories. 

To order the accessories A hookah price you like, please contact us. We are well aware of what is needed to create an unforgettable atmosphere of oriental relaxation in your home and help to make smoking a pleasure and not take up a lot of time for preparatory processes.