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Coconut coal Queen Coco 72 pcs

200 грн.

Bowl seal

35 грн.

Tobacco Milano Frutello M31 (Fruit Mix) - 100 grams

250 грн. 300 грн.

Hose seal

35 грн.

The best hookahs tobacco in Kiev

The Tabakka online store offers its visitors only high-quality products that are represented by a wide range of hookahs and accessories. All products are of high quality and represent world famous manufacturers. Moreover, you get quality products along with a high level of service. Our staff will help you with the choice and purchase of tobacco to your liking, answer any questions you may have.

Specializing in the sale of tobacco mainly, we have a huge assortment of quality and proven products. Cooperating with experienced manufacturers from Syria and Egypt, we deliver a product that gives high quality smoking without loss of taste.

Visiting our online store of  hookahs tobacco, you have the opportunity to:

  • Buy hookahs tobacco at a low price
  • Buy hookah accessories (the most unique flasks made of exquisite materials, leather hoses with a steel spiral)
  • Buy coal for a hookah (for example, high-quality coal for a hookah tom cococha)
  • Get the consultation
  • Use hookah services
  • Make an order with free shipping
  • Buy hookah products with a stylish Hi-tech design
  • Constantly observe new arrivals and a wide range of products

The purpose of our store is to make the guests of your house or restaurant very satisfied and stimulate their number to increase. We sell only fine tobacco, hookahs and accessories!

Why is it worth trusting our store?

  • The whole range of tobacco presented by us is of exceptionally high quality.
  • The necessary accessories are always available.
  • Our hookahs are selected by specialists. The most convenient and trendy “easy to wash” models are selected.
  • The consultant is always in touch to help in choosing. 
  • The products of our store have 100% tightness.
  • Deep bowls allow you to smoke hookah for a long time, without the need to pack it again.

If you become our regular customer, you will receive a discount card, which will make your purchases more affordable with each subsequent time. So, if you have made your choice, place your order by phone indicated in the Contacts section or by email. If you have any questions, do not think for a long time, contact our manager and get a full, trouble-free consultation. We are ready to deliver products for free at a time convenient for you.